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PRP / Vampire Facelift Specialist

Santa Fe Skin Vitality

William Rowland, PA-C

Physician Assistant & Aesthetic Specialist located in Santa Fe, NM

To erase wrinkles and boost your skin’s appearance without surgery, consider a Vampire Facelift®. The popular Vampire Facelift, which uses your own blood to stimulate skin healing, is available from William Rowland, PA-C, at Santa Fe Skin Vitality located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To take advantage of this latest craze in facial treatments, call the office or schedule your vampire facial using the online tool.

PRP / Vampire Facelift Q & A

What is a Vampire Facial/PRP Facial?

A Vampire facial, or Vampire Facelift, uses platelet-rich plasma with micro-needling to enhance the appearance of your skin. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is derived from your own blood. A small vial is drawn from your arm and the blood is then spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelet count. Platelets are a component of your blood that have tremendous healing factors.

During the vampire facial, the platelet-rich plasma is applied to your face after a session of microneedling. Your skin absorbs the PRP and benefits from the healing process.

What are the positive effects of a Vampire Facelift?

A Vampire Facelift uses your body’s own healing factors to vastly improve your complexion. Expect improvements such as:

  • Tighter skin
  • Enhanced vibrancy
  • Glowing skin

A vampire facial stimulates circulation, improves collagen production, and hydrates your face. All of these fight the signs of aging to create a more youthful, radiant appearance.

What types of issues can be treated with a Vampire Facial?

Many skin complaints can be improved with a vampire facial, including the effects of aging. Consider a vampire facial if you have:

  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Crow’s feet
  • Acne scarring
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Fine lines around your mouth and chin
  • Crepey skin on your neck and around the eyes
  • Dull skin tone and texture

A vampire facial boosts the healthy look of your complexion.

What is recovery like following a Vampire Facelift?

Immediately after the facelift, you may have some redness and tenderness akin to that of a sunburn. In some people, bruising and mild swelling may occur. All of these side effects fade within two to three days and don’t require any prescribed downtime. You can go right back to your daily activities following the facial and apply makeup to cover obvious side effects.

When will I see results from a Vampire Facial?

You’ll notice a visible glow to your skin in just a few days following treatment. Optimal results appear after two to three months, as collagen regenerates and the growth factors from the PRP work their magic. Results can last between one and two years.

To schedule your Vampire Facelift, call Santa Fe Skin Vitality or book online.